The Festival Team

Roberts Park, Saltaire


The Alpha Dragon
John Galt is a Legend.
John Galt has won Gold and World Championships and spends every breathing moment promoting Dragon Boat Racing. John Galt is the go to person for us on all things Dragon Boating. John is also a highly decorated Health and Safety Specialist working for The Bradford Council. Let's hear a ROAR for John !


Dragon Tamer
The Hub. The Comms. The heart of the festival. Razwana Mahmood manages the team liason and the whole festival co-ordination. Razwana is the go to person for everything Festival related. Razwana works tirelessly for the festival in her own time while working fulltime for The Bradford Council.
If Raz can't do it, no-one can !


Dragon Bringer
Daniel Windsor is Head Dragon at Race the Dragon. Dan and his Dragonettes fly over 200 miles with the boats, the paddles, the people, the tents, the equipment and ... heaps of stuff! Dan sets up the Race event side of things and his team run the races on the day.
Dan has a secret weapon... Pete The Jolly Dragon. Watch out for Pete !


Dragon Herder
Umran Ajaib is strong! He stretches pennies to pounds. Whilst running UMYWEB. His team donate their time and resources in branding, promoting and marketing the Festival as well as bringing fantastic exposure for our Sponsors.
Umran likes money. If you have some, just give it to him.
Watch him stretch its worth !


Dragon Screamer
Heather Wilson works for The Bradford Council while planning the Festival in her own time. She is the Festival Control and Management. Heather manages ALL the volunteers and the onsite screaming and shouting down the radios to get things done to standard.
Heather is ALWAYS in the Zone. If you're not on Heather's frequency, she's not interested !


Professor Dragon
Justin Booth is all about Regulations. Highly decorated Bradford Council staff senior, Justin helps with planning the infrasturcture and placements of the Festival. Justin has an infinite amount of variables to consider when planning the Festival. Most of the calculations just come off the top of his head.
This is why we don't Google regulations anymore, we Booth it !


Miss Dragon
Nicole Stott heads the Youth Day Events (Day and Evening). She recruits the teams and the on stage performers. Nicole is the energetic link between us, the schools, colleges and youth organisations. Nicole works full time for The Bradford Council and does this all in her spare time. It's been said that Nicole has much energy, if she's near by... your phone starts charging !


Dragon Whisperer
Annelise Fothergill works for Kirklees Council. She was part of us before she moved caves. Kirklees is just down the road, our wings spread to China! So Anneliese comes to our cave in her ow time, stays up late, red dragon eyed, on her toes, on social media responding sharing and commenting. If you have something to say, say it to Anneliese. If you don't have anything to say... say it to Anneliese !


Voodoo Dragon
Gail Dignam, brings her music management lable Mama Hoodoo to the table. With a roladex of local talent the on stage music performaces over the three days are her baby. Gail over the years has brought us some amazing talent showcasing some amazing bands and performaces. Gail does this with a ZERO budget. ZERO budget? definately some voodoo going on by mama hoodoo !


Dragon Settler
Nirmal Bassi manages the Stalls and Vendors. Food, Bars, Stalls... they all go through Nirmal. Nirmal was a long standing Markets and Stalls manager for The Bradford Council who now works outside of Bradford. Nirmal has strict criterion, high standards and always makes sure his people are happy, content and served. If you want to have a stall at the festival, Nirmal will Settle you in !


The Dragons Throne
Councillor Dale Smith is The Bradford Dragon Boat Festival Comittee Chair. Dale has ALL the wisdom needed to sit at the very very top overlooking all the Dragons and Keeping them on their flight path. Dale brings peripheral vision and a sixth sense to keep things on line and manages to steer his "Excitable little Dragons" on course and to a Fantastic Festival. All Hail Dale !


Dragons Keep
Councillor Joanne Dodds is The Bradford Dragon Boat Festival Portfolio Holder. Joanne was a previous Bradford Lord Mayor and and integral part of how we grew the Festival initially. She has shown unflinching support since it's fruition. If anyone can sit on the Dragons Throne while Dale is away, the best of the ex Lord Mayors is the best place to start !
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